Material Safety Data Sheet – MSDS

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Material Safety Data Sheet – MSDS


  1. 1.     Identification of supplier

Trade name                                    F2

Chemical name                  Waste water treatment chemicals colours F2

   Supplier                                            MY VIET ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY GEOLOGY JSC

Address                                         55/9 Road No. 6, p. Binh Hung Hoa B, Tan Binh District, HCMC    

Phone                                            +84-862669567

Fax                                                            +84-862669567


Hotline               0989101029/ 0909015607    

  1. 2.     Hazard identification

    Health hazards

                Inhalation    :           Can cause irritation

                Skin contact            :           Irritating.

                Eye contact :           Irritating.

                Ingestion                 :           Harmful when swallowed.

                Physical / Chemical hazards

                                                :           None identified

                Environmental hazards

                                                :           None identified

  1. 3.     Identification of substance

                        Composition                            : High molecular polymer

                        Hazardous Ingredients        : --  --

            CAS No.                     : --  --         


  1. 4.     First aid measurement

          Inhalation        Remove the patient to fresh air, seek medical help when necessary.

            Eye contact     1. Flush affected eye with warm water or normal saline for at least 20 minutes

                                                2. Contact a doctor immediately

      Skin contact    1. Remove the contaminated cloths.

2. Wash with plenty of water.

                                          3. Contact a doctor when necessary.

      Ingestion                     1. If the patient is unconscious, don’t feed anything.

                                          2. If the patient is conscious, let him/her drink plenty of water.

                                          3. Contact a doctor immediately.

  1. 5.     Fire fighting

            Use CO2, Chemical foam/powder, water and sand to extinguish fire

            Cautions          : May release irritant gases or carbon monoxide when the product is heated.

             Firefighters should wear proper protection equipments.

  1. 6.     Accidental release measures

Personal precautions       Keep unprotected persons away.

Environmental                             1. Supply fresh air and remove all fire in the polluted area.

                                                    2. Remove all chemicals which will react with the leak.

Clean procedures                        1. Take up mechanically.

                                                    2. Don’t let the leak enter into the sewer or closed space.

                                                    3. Use sand or soil to stop the leak.

4. If the leakage is serious, ask fire fighting units or suppliers for help.

                                                                5. Dispose the used sand, soil, and water in safe way

  1. 7.     Handing and storage
    1. Keep away from heat, humidity, fire, sunlight, and incompatible substances.
    2. Check the containers regularly and make sure the containers are undamaged.
    3. Keep fire extinguishers and leak cleaning tools at hand.
    4. The containers must be properly labeled.
    5. The storehouse must be separate from the working place.
  2. 8.     Exposure control and personal protection

Exposure control                         TWA                : No volatility

                                                                STEL               : No volatility

                                                                CEILING       : No volatility

                                                                BELs               : Biodegradable

Eye          protection                                Tightly fitting safety goggles and eye wash station.

            Hand protection                                  Rubber gloves.

            Body protection                                  Chemical-resistant protective suits and shower station.

Respiratory protection                Protective mask.

Hygiene measures                                   No eating or smoking at working field

                                                                Keep the working field clean

                                                                Wash hand after deal with this product

  1. 9.     Physical properties

            Appearance                             Colorless viscours liquid without strong

            Odor                                        mild odor

            Boiling point                                       >90℃

    Self-inflammability                         Product is not self-igniting.

    Danger of explosion                        Product is not explosive.

            Density                        ±1.15 g/cm3 @25℃

            PH-value                     4.0±1.0 (5% sol.)

    Autoignition temperature    Not determined

            Explosive/oxidizing properties Not to be expected

            Solubility                                                         Freely Soluble in Water.

  1. 10.             Stability and reactivity

            Stability                                               :           stable

            Conditions to prevent :           sunlight and fire source.

            Substances to prevent :           N/A

            Dangerous decomposed materials      : not to be expected

  1. 11.             Toxicological information

             LD50 oral, rat                          : N/A

             LD50 dermal, rabbit    : N/A

             Skin irritation, rabbit  : Irritating

             Eye irritation, rabbit   : Irritating

  1. 12.             Ecological information

    Degradability                      : N/A

            LC0, fish                                  : N/A

EC0, bacteria                   : N/A

  1. 13.             Waste disposal
    1. Burn the waste materials at licensed places.
    2. Refer the local waste disposal regulations to deal the burnt materials
    3. The water used to wash containers, equipments should pass effluent treatment process
  2. 14.             Transportation information

          The drums or tank car should be marked properly

            Refer to the local transportation rules

  1. 15.             Regulatory information

          Refer to the related local regulations.

  1. 16.             Additional information

    Reference                    ChemWatch database, 2006-1

            Issuer                           MY VIET ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY GEOLOGY JSC

Address: 55/9 Road No. 6, p. Binh Hung Hoa B, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.  

     Tel: (84.8) 62,669,567 Fax: (84.8) 62,669,567
     Hotline; 0989101029 / 0909015607.

Update 04/01/2013

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